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a brighter future is humanly possible

At ManpowerGroup, we believe meaningful, sustainable employment has the power to change the world. Because when you combine talented people with innovative companies, you can build a brighter future for everyone.

scale your workforce with flexible staffing

When you need flexibility that matches demand and more predictability in your workforce, we connect you with skilled, local talent when you need them most. A flexible staffing solution with Manpower means you benefit from an ongoing extension of your operations built from our access to local talent and customized through our direct and ongoing relationship with your team and our worker.

your flexible staffing soultion includes:

Deep recruitment expertise in finding, attracting, verifying, assessing and matching talent

Management and productivity of our wokers

Development and advancement of our workers

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why choose us?

The true cost of a workforce is so much more than just wages + benefits. It includes onboarding, turnover, quality, safety, compliance, and more, which can be 1.5 to 3 times what appear in your financial statements. let us put our proven methodology to work for you to lower the toal cost of your workforce.

you deserve a workforce partner that asks and listens

In our ongoing Workforce Review, we leverage market insights, thought leadership and performance to refine our approach. Over time, our strong partnership helps ensure we can meet any opportunity or challenge you face.

industrial services

Cost-effective. productive. the right staff level. all the time.

Seasonal peaks. Added production line. New client. Industrial workloads exist on a virtual seesaw. Manpower can help you maintain a staff level that won’t drain resources when work is down and can handle the laod when it’s up. With specialized tests for industrial candidates and a massive recruiting reach, we can quicly find the skilled people you need. When you need them. The bottom line? Your business running leaner and more productively

top positions placed include:

administrative services

already skilled.ready to learn more. alwasy ready to help you suceed.

Office efficiency and productivity depend on administrative personnel who know how to keep business running smoothly. That means having access to people with the right skills right when you need them. That’s where Manpower comes in.

While we have screened and tested, experienced individuals with a wide range of up-to-date skills, we know that changing business demands constantly creates job demands for administrative support. That’s why our people have free online access to the latest training. It’s the smart way to build the exact talent you need, when you need it.

manpower places more than 125,000 people in administrative positions yearly. positions placed include:

why organizations choose manpower

an extensive pool of quality talent

deep workforce expertise

strong relationships with our associates

a commitment to coninuous improvement

reliable service and trusted risk management

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Need help with your workforce solutions? We can help your organization transform in the fast-changing world of work.

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